Kimyal Bible 5 Min To view this wonderful video about   The Kimyal Tribe receiving the New Testament Bible in their language.  Please click on Dianne Becker below

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Uploaded by on Mar 12, 2011

The Kimyal Tribe receiving the New Testament Bible in their language. There is a 30-minute documentary DVD available at -- the funds go toward scholarships for the Kimyals. A future DVD will be available from

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  • Diane thank you for sharing this video. I love the shorter version of it. Is there any way you could produce it without all the background music? The 10 minute version feels so much more powerful when you can hear just the Kimyals singing and praying live. But again, thanks for sharing it!
  • @ProclaimHisWord

    You are going to hell if you keep talking such non-sense.

    Repent brother, I care for you !

  • The God of the Jews ?

    The God of the Bulgarians can kick the God of the Jews' butt any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    The God of the Bulgarians have forgiven all my sins and I have a personal relationship with his son and two of his daughters.

    Praise the God of the Bulgarians, Bitches !!!


  • Praise God! what beautiful people-- filled with the Spirit of God.
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